Concept Of Creative Marketing Ideas For Wellness Tourism In The Eastern Economic Corridor Area (Eec)

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Rungnapa Lertpatcharapong , Kanyathong Horadal , and Phonphat Intaravorraphat


The research’s objective study is to present a creative marketing promotion concept for wellness tourism in the Eastern Economic Corridor area by using qualitative research as a research instrument for an interview, questionnaire, and small group discussion. It has been found that the creative marketing promotion strategies for wellness tourism in the EEC area have their own development plan which are 1) Co-Creation, it is a sharing idea to create the value-added together. This is to develop the Brand Identity and improve the outstanding of wellness services and wellness tourism businesses in the whole system, 2) Image development, in terms of wellness tourism should have uniqueness and differentiate according to the marketing mix theory framework, 3) Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC), this is to enthusiastic the acknowledgment and to encourage the wellness tourism market by developing the integrated marketing communication channels, 4) The development of basic elements to promote sustainable wellness tourism strength, including promoting tourism links, environmental problem management, and improve the symbolic media along with the tour route that needed to be the same standard, as well as, accelerate the development of infrastructure and facilities by supporting investment in the development of transport and logistics, human resource development in the cooperation between government, private sectors, educational organizations, local community and network partners, 5) Promoting the establishment of community, based on wellness tourism clusters and partnerships with the wellness care sectors, and 6) Set up a framework for safety standards to build up the confidence of tourists’ security.

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