An Assessment Of Translating English Allusive Expressions In "Othello " Into Arabic

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Sara S.Ahmed , Asst. Prof.Essam T.Muhammed


The translation of cultural references is one of the biggest problems, which often faced by the translators in their attempt to transmit the same feeling experienced by the SL receptors to the TLT. However, during the process of rendering, guided decisions should be taken by the translators to familiarizing such expressions in the TL culture and remove any kind of foreignness might arise because of the differences in the cultural norms between the two languages involved in the process of translation between the two different cultures. Arabic language is a Semitic language and belongs to a very different family if compared to English which belongs to an Indo-European family. Consequently, we expect that overlooking such differences by the four selected translators in this study will pose real problems especially in translating the English allusive expressions used by Shakespeare's in Othello into Arabic. The study will focus on the intercultural gaps between the two languages as well as the strategies and procedures followed by these translators to find the appropriate renditions of such expressions into Arabic. Leppihalm's model of (1997) and the suggested strategies and procedures will be followed as a local model in this work besides Venuti's model of (1995)as a global one.                                                                                                                                  

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