An Advanced Device For Determining Pain Sensitivity Of The Oral Mucosa

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N.S. Ruzuddinov , A.R. Fazylova , S.A. Gaffarov , S. Ruzuddinov , K.N. Ruzuddinova


An improved device for determining the pain sensitivity of the oral mucosa (OM). It includes a rod with a probe, a cylinder, a pressure sensor, a vinyl tube, wires, a battery, a microcontroller and an LCD display for converting and processing the signal from the sensor and displaying information to them. A device for measurement was made in the clinic of orthopedic dentistry. 10 patients with complete absence of teeth were studied. The advantages of the device have been established, such as low material consumption and portability of the device, which makes it possible to use it at any dental chair and the possibility of measuring at any point of the oral mucosa.

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