Analysis Of The Development Of Guarantee Services Issued Through Customer Satisfaction. Case Study At Vietnam Industry Trading Joint Stock Company Bank – Hai Ba Trong Branch

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PhD. Bui Anh Tu , Nguyen Duc Duong


In Vietnam, in recent years, guarantee services are being focused on and promoted by commercial banks to diversify credit products, minimizing bad debt risks, and increase service fees. banks and improve competitiveness with other credit institutions. In today's large foreign deals, to get assurance and trust from partners, the parties always need the presence of a guarantee. The guarantee service at Hai Ba Trthe ung branch needs to be further developed and promoted to maximize the benefits that this service brings commensurate with the available potenpotentials study uses SERVQUAL . model through 7 scales with 150 observations. The subjects of the survey are customers who have been using guarantee services at large corporate customers, small and medium enterprises, retail at Vietinbank Headquarters - Hai Ba Trung Branch and some transaction offices of the branch have arisen guarantee operations. The results of the research will help Vietinbank come up with solutions to improve the quality of guarantee services.

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