Impact Of Extracurricular Activities On The First Year School Results Of Students K61 Construction Management

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Le Phuong Thao , Le Van Chinh , Bui Anh Tu , Nguyen Duc Duong


According to statistics from NSW AMES (an international organization for skills training), soft skills account for 80% of success. Participation in activities organized by the university, activities of the Youth Union, the Student Union and thematic competitions and seminars for students on a large scale really plays a huge role. These are the main activities that help students practice soft skills such as communication, presentation, interviewing, leadership skills; Forming the confidence, dynamism needed when going to work, the experiences learned from successful people. In addition, it also supports a lot of in-depth knowledge, forms a way of working, effective time management, community activities in groups, independent work, stress management. However, participation in these activities will affect student learning results. This study uses a hierarchical logit model to evaluate the impact of extracurricular activities on the learning results of K61 students majoring in Construction Management. The research results are oriented to propose solutions for teachers' management and students' participation in extracurricular activities in the future.

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