Research & Legislative Analysis On Copyright Laws And Its Reforms

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VI Dinesh and B Kirti


Copyright (Amendment) Act, 2012 was pathbreaking legislation in India. It entered the copyright laws on equal footing with international laws in many cases and even better footing provisions leading the world—especially the provision allowing disabled and organisations working for disabled to have protection from litigations.

Technological protection measures and encompassing future technologies in its ambit is a versatile provision, although its utility needs to be weighed in. Reducing hardcopy submissions for registrations also adds to the environment-friendliness of the act. The Copyright Rules, 2013 and 2021 have been a consistent effort on the part of legislators to improvise on the existing laws and make them more useful and contemporary.

Despite these efforts, there is some scope left for improvement just so as to reduce the burden on the judiciary, which the legislators seem to have relied on to make it more apt according to the changing times.

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