Deconstructing Myth In Amish Tripathi's Novel:The Immortals Of Meluha

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Dr. (Prof.) Narendra Kumar , Dr. SumitaAshri , Ms. Kiran


The idea of truth is difficult to discover in the contemporary Post-Truth age. Now-a-days, when fake or half-truths look more rational and readily accepted with emotional and personal belief than the original and pure truth. In light of this idea, this paper intends to examine how AmishTripathi depicted ‘Lord Shiva’, who is revered by Hindus everywhere as the ‘God of Gods’, as a human with flesh and blood with ordinary traits alike all humans in his first and debut book of the Shiva Trilogy,The Immortals of Meluha.The paper explores the post-truth concept concealed in the development of myths and fables about Lord Shiva and the other Indian deities and presents Lord Shiva as human who raised himself to the stature of God through his karma. Postmodern and post-truth ideas and viewpoints have been used to analyse the book under consideration.

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