Recapitulating The Significance Of Socio Religious Reform Movements In The Amelioration Of Health Sector In Kerala

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Dr. Ashik Pradeep.V


Socio religious reforms that took place in various parts of the country have contributed in increasing the self esteem of the downtrodden sections in the society. The backward castes in the society were subdued and exploited by a section of caste Hindus. They were suppressed under the hegemonic power of the Bhramins. Their rights were denied and their livelihood was made miserable. Land and wealth of the state was under the proprietorship of the higher castes. They were denied all sources of empowerment opportunities. Education was monopolized and those who questioned it were brutally assaulted.          The ruling authorities were mere puppets in the hands of the caste Hindus. Social norms and codes of justice were made according to their fancy.

Common people of the state were forced to undergo many ordeals at the hands of the caste Hindus. Superstitions, rituals, and beliefs were used as a tool to enforce hegemonic ideas of the upper class. Socio-religious reform movements in Kerala began as a result of these types of oppressions. The impact of this movement influenced all sections of the society. Public Health Sector in the state was a direct beneficiary of this movement. New hospitals and dispensaries were established in the state to accommodate the demands of the populace. Hence, Kerala was able to cater better treatment to its masses compared to its contemporaries.

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