The Role Of Social Media On Students’ Behaviour & It’s Imapct On Muslim Culture

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Dr. Muhammad Imran Malik , Gul-E-Sehar , Dr. Iffat Tahira , Anam Jamil , Aneeba Basharat


The world has transferred in to Digital World. The Purpose of social media is to contact with people. Although people took benefit from social media, But it affected our behavior as well as our Islamic Values. This research looks into the impacts of Social Media on student’s behavior & Islamic values. Also examines the positive and negative impacts of social media on the behavior of students & Islamic society, social and cultural norms of Muslim World. In today’s world, social media is performing an essential and impelling role on the behavior of the students & Society. Social media and technology has made the world a global village. It also points out to perceive the constructive and bad factors those affects on student’s mind and how these assist students to share the positive and negative features with one another. It is more perceptible that social media sites and their applying exist huge advantages for as well as risks to the behavior of students & Muslim Society. This study consists of collecting the data for the habit of social sites usage and their impacts on student’s behavior and their Academic results. This research is descriptive in nature. Questionnaires survey quantitative research method was employed.  Researcher made validated questionnaires and these questionnaires were asked by the respondents. The study discovered that social media had negative effects on Students’ behavior & Culture of Muslim. Therefore, it is proposed that to elders, instructors should pay more responsiveness to their students’ behavior and educates them not to waste much period on social media excepting their studies.

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