Teaching Active Skills In The Esl Classroom Through Programmed Instruction; An Outlook

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Abdul Majeed C.T , Dr. M Ilankumaran


Speaking and Writing are usually known as active skills as they both require some form of language output .In the exercise of establishing a healthy footing for instructing English to speaking of other languages, there are several constituents to deal with, providing a model text; functioning on the conversation skills required to execute the assignment; Language function setting; educating active skills to the students of all age group; theories and methodologies; planning; production and feedback. One of the inevitable part of the procedure is that teaching productive skills to learners of all age group. Even though the teaching strategies for speaking and writing are different, both of them are used for the primary purpose of communication. When people are communicating with each other, they want to convey something through the process. Also, they desire to listen and be able to hear what is being said. Active skills can have instantaneous satisfaction but also be very time- consuming.  Precision and fluency are both very important when teaching speaking and writing skills. These skills can be acquired through programmed instruction technique. Productive Language skills are the substantial as they are the perceptible authentication of tongue possession. The more who use the language for speaking and writing will get the progress in the system of language. Since they are the fundamental subsistence skills, in actual being, human beings normally used them for their day today communication. Therefore, the teacher is needed to bring the desire to stimulate the learners to speak and writing properly.

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