Surgical Treatment Selecting Method For Obstructive Cancer Of Rectosyhmoid Colon

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Andrey Sopuev , Nurlanbek Sydykov , Adyl Mambetov , Niiazbek Mamatov , Oiatilla Umurzakov , Taalaibek Akmatov , Syrgak Bakirov , Taalaibek Atabaev , Mirlan Karataev , Omurbek Kurbanbaev


This article is investigating colorectal cancer problem as the most common malignant tumor in gastrointestinal tract, often complicated by acute colonic obstruction. The article presents a comparative assessment of the results of the Hartmann operation and loop colostomy in colorectal cancer complicated by acute colonic obstruction. An analysis of the treatment of 156 patients with the corresponding pathology was carried out. The study was designed as a stratified randomized controlled trial with four strata divided according to age and American Society of Anesthesiologists’ score. Each of which was divided into two subgroups according to the operation technique: loop colostomy or Hartmann operation. Performing the Hartmann operation is preferable for the elderly. Loop colostomy may be recommended for younger patients without serious comorbidities who can be prepared for urgent radical tumor removal surgery as early as possible, approximately two to three weeks after the first surgery.

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