The Impact Of GDP, Unemployment And Inflation Rates On Measuring The Economic Efficiency For Megalopolises

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Dr. Doaa Wafik , Prof. Assem Tharwat


Megalopolises or Megacities are urbanized conurbation lodging 10 or more million occupants. They are frequently the essential hubs for speculation in a nation and include the foremost family units. Some of the first Megacities popped up in the developed world, with New York being the first, in the 1950s. For businesses, megacities are critical because they concentrate resources, income and business opportunities. At the same time, the negative externalities they produce by excessive emissions or traffic congestion encourage urban problems and opportunities that need creative solutions to preserve economic attractiveness. The adverse externalities they create through excessive pollution or traffic congestion, concurrently fosters urban challenges and opportunities, which necessitate innovative solutions to maintain economic appeal. They are till the finish of time the cunning hubs for award in a mountain, right now try to pieces and gauge the gainful efficiency of urban communities in an advancement and perfect environment, from proof envelopment sentiment to fit out the see-saw that happened in 47 Megacities everywhere throughout the world. We commission antidote asseverate sources of info and yields to imagine the adroitness of advantage these assets; the meager piece contrasts in urban areas, where the efficient urban areas show satisfactory asset use,

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