A Critique On The Presence Of Shakespeare In Pakistan

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Mohammad Muazzam Sharif , Farooq Shah , Spugmay Ali , Uzair Murtaza , Ibrar Ahmad


Shakespearean appropriations and adaptations dominate the present day and age. These adaptations give a new meaning to the plays of Shakespeare and create a new dimension in which they are read, translated, and performed as well as understood. Doing so allows the adapters to draw parallels between the plays and modern-day age, in this case modern-day Pakistan. Research has been carried out on few of the adaptations of Shakespeare in Pakistan; however, limited or no significant research has been carried out on the reasons and purposes behind all these adaptations. Therefore, this paper focuses on the presence of Shakespeare in Pakistan and establishes the significance of his plays and the subsequent adaptations in the country. Essentially qualitative in nature, and by using Hutcheon Theory of Adaptation, this paper probes into the purpose behind as well as the necessity of the appropriation and adaptation of Shakespeare's plays.

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