Mouse Trap Scene In Hamlet And Bismil In Haider: A Comparative Study

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Mohammad Muazzam Sharif , Farooq Shah , Abidah Ghafoor , Marina Khan , Saddam ul Islam


Haider is an Indian adaptation of Hamlet where Denmark becomes Kashmir and Hamlet becomes Haider. It retells the story of young Kashmiri whose sufferings are similar in to Hamlet; however, the nature and dimension of them are completely different. Where the adaptation focuses on the issues like revenge, forced disappearances, missing people and mental health in Kashmir, the Bollywood song Bismil sheds further light on water wars between Pakistan and India. Bismil resonates and relates to the Mouse Trap scene in Hamlet. Therefore this paper focuses on the comparison of the Mouse Trap scene and Bismil. Research has been carried out on Haider and the problems that it addresses; however, limited or no significant research has been conducted on the comparison of the two and the subsequent problems that it addresses. Essentially qualitative in nature, this paper uses the parameters of Textual Analysis set by Catherine Belsey (2013) and further uses the lens of Linda Hutcheon (2012) for the critical analysis. 

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