Efforts To Improve Learning Outcomes Of Squat Style Long Jump Through Play Approach Using Teaching Aids At Elementary School In Indonesia

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Sudirman Burhanuddin , Andi Risal , Hasanuddin Jumareng


This study aims to determine the learning outcome of long jump squat style through play approach using teaching aids at Elementary School fifth grade students Marioriawa, Soppeng sub-district in the academic year 2015/2016. This study uses a Classroom Action Research. There were 42 subjects of this study (26 females and 16 males). The technique of collecting data through observation and learning outcomes assessment test long jump squat style. The data analysis technique used in this research is descriptive quantitative analysis.  From the data analysis, there was a significant increase from the first cycle and the second cycle. Learning outcomes long jump squat force on the first cycle in a complete category is 76,19% of students who completed is 32 students. In the second cycle an increase in the percentage of student learning outcomes in a complete category of 100%, or students who completed is 42 students. The present research concludes that learning through play approach using the tools of learning improves learning outcomes in the long jump squat style at elementary school fifth grade students in Marioriawa sub-district, Soppeng regency, South Sulawesi Indonesia.

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