Generic Happiness: The Link Of Common Happiness, Motivation And Maturity Of Heart

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Khye S , Kok-Why Ng , Choo-Yee Ting , Ian Chai , Sharmini Gopinathan


We propose the concept of Generic Happiness (GH): a person’s generic happiness is based on mental and physical needs, and authentic, beautiful, good desires originated from the heart being satisfied. Motivation is based on maturity of the heart, while the heart is influenced by innate genes, and the growth of an individual’s intellect, emotion, and will. A wider concept of happiness that focuses on values, purpose and needs is elaborated, and Maslow’s work, which served as the context, is interpreted with dual dimensions of generic needs. Based on the analysis and synthesis of various work, we propose i) GH is attained by the completion of responsibilities in balancing the fulfillment of mental and physical needs; ii) GH depends on maturity of heart; iii) the heart is the motivating force that feeds into intellect, emotion, and will, and manifests the generic values of trueness, beauty, and goodness.

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