Peculiarities Of Communicative Language Teaching, Cooperative Language Learning, And Task-Based Approaches

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Marhabo M. Avazmatova


This paper provides a comprehensible review of the three approaches: Communicative language teaching, Task-based approach, and Cooperative language learning in foreign language teaching. The present study identifies specific characteristics of the three approaches and compares their peculiarities of them which approach is teacher-centered or student-centered or in terms of fluency and accuracy, which main skills are focused on during the usage of each of the three approaches. After reviewing research works on these three approaches, specific features of Communicative Language Teaching, Task-based approach, and Cooperative Language Learning are given in the table for comparison.  In teaching language online, the role of Cooperative language learning and components of the approach is significant for reaching the goal of the approach successfully. The objective of the present study is to propose elements of Cooperative Language Learning for online teaching. Furthermore, classifying tasks into three groups in the Task-based approach is suggested. Performing well in those task groups leads language learners to mastery of the target language.

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