Issues And Challenges In Adopting Robotics In Healthcare-A Conceptual Study

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Pavithra N , DR. Noor Afza


Advance technologies growing rapidly in all sector including healthcare. Health care industry has seen a varied technological advancement like Artificial intelligence, IOT and  Robotics that helped the hospitals to gain a competitive advantage. Robotics is one such advancement that helped the hospitals to develop a niche through precision, automation, speed and reduced duration. These factors help the healthcare professionals to sharpen their skills and adopt to the changes at a faster speed. Adoption of robotics demands high technical orientation, intuitiveness to learn and accepting challenges from healthcare professional. This paper makes an attempt to know how robotics transform healthcare from traditional hospital to smart automated hospital. and also shed lights on issues and challenges occurs while implementing robotics technology in hospitals.  Study is descriptive in nature to explore applications of robotics in healthcare and relies on secondary data like journals, scholarly articles, websites and reference books. Outcome of this study is providing insights robotics in reducing burden of workload to healthcare professional.

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