Mental Rotation And Its Relationship To Some Variables Among University Students

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Professor .Dr. Nahla Najm Al-Din Al-Mukhtar , Qusay Adnan Al Ghurairi


The aim of the current research is to identify :Mental rotation among university students, according to the variables of gender and specialization .In order to achieve the goal of the current research, it was necessary to have a tool to measure mental rotation, so a test (Mahdi, 2021) was adopted. To identify the mental rotation, and after verifying the psychometric properties of the research test and its paragraphs, it was applied to the basic research sample of (400) male and female students who were selected by the random stratified method with a proportional distribution, as The selection of the sample in this way makes it more representative of the original research community, it also gives the researcher the freedom to choose a number from each layer in a random manner commensurate with its size in the research community, and after analyzing the data statistically using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS), the results yielded the following :

  1. The university students have an average level of mental rotation .

  2. There are no statistically significant differences in mental rotation according to the gender variable .

  3. There are statistically significant differences in mental rotation according to the specialization variable (scientific - human) and in favor of the scientific specialization .

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