The Effect Of The Difference In The Number Of Negative And Positive Items On The Psychometric Properties Of Personality Scales

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Assistant Professor. Dr. Hind Sabeeh Raheem , Tabarak Hassan Ali Al-Jubouri


The current research aims to reveal the impact of the difference in the number of negative and positive items on the psychometric characteristics of personality scales. Negative paragraph 50% positive paragraph, third picture 25% negative paragraph 75% positive)

The researcher used the repeated measurements design in applying the scale images procedures on a sample of (750) selected by a stratified random method with an equal distribution from Baghdad University students, they were divided into three groups, with (250) male and female students in each group according to the scale images. The respondent receives the images The three are in a different order from one group to another, as the psychometric properties related to the items were calculated (paragraph discrimination, item validity, item stability) as well as the psychometric characteristics related to the scale represented by (honesty and stability), and the study concluded that the picture is superior for three (25% negative items). (75% positive paragraph), as this method obtained superiority in all psychometric properties related to the paragraphs and the scale, while the second picture and then the first picture came, and accordingly the researcher recommends using the third picture when starting to build the personality scale as it is the best picture and to complement the benefit of the current research, the researcher summarized a set of conclusions, recommendations and suggestions .

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