Building And Developing A Contingent Of Cadres And Civil Servants In The Innovation Period Of Vietnam

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Vu Hong Van


In the process of revolutionary leadership, the Communist Party of Viet Nam has always paid attention to cadres' work in general and the work of building a contingent of cadres and civil servants in particular. From the doi moi period (in 1986) up to now, the Communist Party of Vietnam has gained new perceptions and achieved many important achievements in the work of building a contingent of cadres and civil servants. The Resolution of the XIII Congress (2021) of the Party clearly states: "The cadre work has undergone many innovations, the cadres are increasingly meeting the requirements and tasks in the new situation. The inspection, supervision, and discipline of the Party have been strengthened, with many innovations, and achieved important results; Discipline and discipline in the Party are tightened, and State laws are upheld. The cadre work has achieved certain achievements and has built a basic cadre to meet the requirements of revolutionary tasks. The majority of cadres have kept their qualities and ethics, have blood relations with the people, and are trusted by the people. However, the construction and development of cadres and civil servants are still inadequate. On the basis of studying the legal documents of the Party and State; In fact, the current cadres and civil servants, this study recommends some solutions to develop the team of cadres and civil servants in the future.

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