Tax Planning Through Tax Saving Instrument: A Study On Tax Assessee In Jaipur City

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Dr. Harish Kumar , Mr Dhruv Saxena , Ms Saraswati Kumari , Ms Anjali Suri


The study reveals that individual assessee can plan in advanced their tax liability by adopting the tax saving instrument. Tax planning play an important role in our financial planning. Effective tax planning enable assessee to reduce, tax liability. This is done by taking the benefits of chapter vi A, including exemption, rebate and deduction, while ensuring that our investment are in line with their long term goals. The main objective of the study is to find out the most saving instrument and also find out the amount of tax saved by using the instrument. All the finding results that most used tax saving instrument is Housing loan which got the first rank in the study and second most used instrument is NSC.

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