Research on the effect and effectiveness of experiential learning for university students

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Nguyen Ngoc Nguyen


Compared to the speed of social and technological development, Vietnam's education tends to be stagnant. Most universities are collaborating with universities around the world, but until now, teaching methods are still academic and there are few opportunities to experience what they have learned. Because of the lack of experience college students have, there are situations where they are confused about their future after graduation. Therefore, it is very necessary to constantly improve teaching methods in line with the development of society. Currently, universities in developed countries around the world and universities in Vietnam are applying the experiential learning method to their educational programs. Therefore, this paper investigates what effect it has on the learning of college students majoring in Japanese after the university applies the experiential learning method. The results show its vital role during the teaching as well as learning process of the students and we should take more consideration into this activity.

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