Information And Communication Technologies (ICT) As Social Innovation And Public Governance Tool For A Developing Country

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Dr. Hari Krishnan Andi , Sakandar Hayat , Faisal Saleem , Ummul Meena


Information and Communication Technology (ICTs) plays an indispensable role in the socio-economic development of a developing country such as Pakistan. The ICT is being extensively utilized in the major cities of the country; which is why the country is seeing a higher growth rate of ICTs incorporation since the last few decades. This study aims to addresses the vital question as to how ICT tools and technologies can and are contributing to vital development and growth process of Pakistan. Using the scholarly literature on ICT 4 Development (ICT4D), this secondary research performs an analysis of this topic by addressing different aspects and roles played by technology in country’s economic and social development. The findings reveal that ICT is enabling pivotal transformation of the economy in Pakistan and is also improving the whole society by improving access of millions of people to many amenities and digital services. The study uses qualitative approach to conduct analysis and propose conclusions and recommendations. The study also forms a foundation for further researches in this field regarding ICT4D projects in Pakistan.

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