Cross-Sectional Qualitative Analysis Of The Current And Future Scenario Of The Aviation In North-East India

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Shri Ramesh Kumar , Dr Sumeet Gupta , Dr. Banajit Changkakati , Sh. Saksham Uniyal


As human evolution is progressing over the years, global connectivity has become more essential due to collaborative existence between all communities over the world. The fastest way a person can move around the world is through air travel which happens to be the quickest and safest but not necessarily the most affordable mode of movement. Hence keeping the affordability in mind, the challenge for the aviation industry is the passage of customers through affordable and efficient means. Even in spite of many changes, air travel is still eludes most of the common masses in India. When we consider the North-Eastern region, the only major connectivity to mainland India is through Air ways or railways. Hence, we often see convergence of air travel from all the North-Eastern states to Guwahati airport mainly and then carry forwarding with the railways. Thus the paper evaluates all possible avenues that will have a strong prospective of making air travel within and outside region which will not only affordable and attractive but also viable over the coming years as a permanent model.

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