Formulation And Development Of Metronidazole Loaded Niosomal Formulation For Sustained Delivery

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Mani Aravinth R , Saraswathi T S , Jeremiah Immanuel , Roshini R , Bheemireddy Naga Rajesh Reddy , Subitha M


Objective: The main objective of this study is to design suitable metronidazole loaded niosomes for rapid onset of action with lesser side effects and also to overcome the insufficient localization of a drug to the liver.

Methods: Metronidazole niosomes are prepared by using Thin film hydration technique. Span60 is used as non-ionic surfactant and cholesterol is used as stabilising agent in this method. Size of niosomes is estimated by using optical microscopy. Percentage drug entrapment efficiency is calibrated by using UV-Spectrophotometer. The in-vitro release studies for the drug Metronidazole were conducted by using dialysis method.

Results: The parameters studied in this research are percentage drug release for entrapment efficiency and In-vitro release studies. Stability studies, SEM (Scanning electron microscopy) analysis, IR studies.

Conclusion: The results conclude that the metronidazole niosomal formulation produce optimal therapeutic effect with lesser side effects.

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