Development Of An E-Learning System Based On Artificial Intelligence

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Dr. Sheetalrani R Kawale , Ms.P.Divya Laxmi , Dr Shekhar R , Parismita Sarma , Dr. Lingeshwaran N , B. Kameswara Rao


E-learning systems are now a crucial part of the educational system. Utilizing technology in the classroom increases students' confidence by enabling efficient and effective content-based instruction. The emphasis of personalised learning systems is on learning behaviour and interest, and curriculum is created in accordance with learners' aptitude and foundational knowledge. It is a flexible teaching approach that can be tailored to each student's requirements. The tailored learning strategy maximises each learner's needs. This research project offers a useful methodology for creating a customised e-learning system. In order to enhance the effectiveness of the online learning system, artificial intelligence-based systems adapt to the demands of each student individually. This is an adaptable e-learning system that operates in accordance with the learner's many learning aspects. An interactive, customised e-learning system is being developed via research that combines data mining methods, artificial neural networks, fuzzy logic, and adaptive neurofuzzy systems.

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