The Analysis Of School Quality Fulfillment Based On National Education Standards

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Istifadah , Aan Komariah , Aceng Muhtaram Mirfani , Dedy Achmad Kurniady , Muthahharah Thahir , Siti Nurlatifah


The purpose of this study was to analyze the fulfillment of school quality based on national education standards. This study used descriptive quantitative method which was carried out at Public High Schools in Ogan Ilir Regency with 641 teachers and 87 samples. The results showed that the quality of public high schools was considered very good. It means the fulfillment of school quality to the national education standards in Indonesia has been running optimally. The fulfillment of school quality can be achieved by increasing the quality of graduate competencies, the quality of learning process, the quality of assessment, the quality of educators and education personnel, the quality of content/curriculum, the quality of facilities, the quality of financing, and the quality of management. Thus, it can be concluded that it is necessary to improve the school quality in order to achieve the fulfillment of national education standards. It is recommended for school to fulfill school quality dimensions in a comprehensive and sustainable manner in high schools in order to meet the national education standards.

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