Students’ Learning Motivation To The Implementation Of Online Learning During Covid 19 Pandemic In IAIN Bukittinggi

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Zulfani Sesmiarni , Novrianti , Melyann Melani , Supratman Zakir


The aim of this research is to explain IAIN Bukittinggi students' learning motivation in online learning during covid 19 pandemic. Research population is Students of Tarbiyah and Teacher Training Faculty totally 3860 people, sample is chosen by using accidental sampling totally 386 people. Instrument used to collect data is Google Form in the form of questionnaire. Research remarks that there is students' learning motivation in term of several indicators showing students have eagerness and desire to success. Students have encouragement and needs in learning. Students have perseverance in facing task. Students are illustrated having tenacity to face the difficulties. Students have independency to act. Students are able to provide special time to learn. Students are able to predict the result by using various strategies according to their needs. Students are glad to find and solve problem faced during online learning. It is found students have bravery to face the failures. Students have ability to survive from their failures. Students of Tarbiyah and Teacher Training Faculty have persistence and keep trying if the first effort is failed.  Generally, it can be concluded students' learning motivation on online learning during covid 19 pandemic is categorized into good.

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