Prepare Prospective Teachers To Teach EFL Through Teaching Practice Using Technology

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Wendi Kusriandi , Januarius Mujianto , Sri Wuli Fitriani , Dwi Rukmini


The pandemic period accelerates learning in Indonesia to be able to use technology. However, many teachers cannot use technology well because of limited network access. Prospective teachers in dealing with generation Z must be able to compensate for students by utilizing technology. Therefore, prospective teachers are required to be able to become the content of learning makers following the audience that will be faced. This research investigates how English teacher candidates prepare teaching practices seen from the ability of prospective teachers to design the learning process using technology. This study adopted a qualitative case study. Data is taken from various sources, including portfolio tasks, field records, video recordings during observations of teaching practices, and interviews. Prospective Teachers of Language Education Study Programs at Universities in Cirebon, Indonesia, 163 are research subjects. We chose research subjects based on high, medium, and low academic abilities, in the semester and the school year 2021/2022. Research findings produce: 1) Prospective teachers conduct initial analysis before creating learning content, 2) using technology to provide an exciting atmosphere, 3) upload results made on social media as learning media for generation Z. Finally, this research can be continued this research through research in other fields of science and by using more subjects.

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