Influence Of Emotional Intelligence, Work Motivation, And Managerial Knowledge Of Work Effectiveness Head Of Provincial Islamic Senior High School (Mts) Jambi

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Lukman Hakim , Ahmad Sukri


The general and main problem in the pattern of educational services, especially in educational services in Madrasah (Schools) is the factor of the availability of human resources as teachers and in school managerial. It is realized that the need for human resources is more determined by the special qualifications of teachers and leaders (managerial). The condition of education in Jambi City has not escaped the problems regarding the managerial of the principal. The purpose of this study is to determine and prove the direct or indirect influence of: 1) Emotional intelligence on work effectiveness 2) Work motivation towards managerial knowledge; 3) managerial knowledge of work effectiveness; and 4) Emotional Intelligence to managerial knowledge; and 5) work motivation towards managerial knowledge. The method used is a survey method with a path analysis approach to test the direct and indirect influence of free variables to bound variables. The population in this study was all principals of madrasah Tsanawiyah in Jambi as the target population and as an affordable population as a sample framework was 70 heads of madrasahs in Jambi. Sampling using a simple random sampling method, which is to get 60 sample units. The results in this study show the existence of a direct and indirect causal influence of emotional intelligence on managerial knowledge, emotional intelligence on the effectiveness of the principal's work, and managerial year on the effectiveness of the principal's work with the important conclusion that emotional intelligence has a direct causal effect on the effectiveness of the main work and managerial ability also has a significant causal influence on the effectiveness of the principal's work school.

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