Efficiency Of Eye Movement Desensitization And Reprocessing Intervention Technique On Public Speaking Anxiety And Self-Esteem Among Undergraduate Nursing Student

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Samia Ali El-Nagar , Faten Hasan Alam , Merfat M. Atia , rasha Kamal Mohamed Sweelam , Mervat Mostafa Arrab , and Elham S. Elzyen


Background: Public speaking for nursing students is very significant as they will be effective health advocates in the future, and speaking is one of their basic capabilities that are very valuable for professional advancement. Public speaking anxiety is one of challenges that nursing students face in class, clinical settings, and the community.

Aim: To examine the efficiency of eye movement desensitization and reprocessing  (EMDR) intervention technique on public speaking anxiety and self-esteem among undergraduate nursing students.

Methods: Quasi-experimental design with pre and post-test (intervention and control group) was employed. This study was performed at faculty of  nursing, Menoufia University, Egypt. Systematic random sampling  technique was utilized to choose 340 undergraduate nursing students and randomly assigned to one of both groups:  intervention or control. The main instruments employed for gathering data involved Personal report of public speaking anxiety scale, Rosenberg self-esteem scale; and subjective units of distress scale.

Results: There was 60.3% of the studied nursing students had a moderate degree of public speaking anxiety at pre EMDR intervention, with no statistically significant difference between both groups (P>0.05), while post EMDR intervention revealed significantly reduction in public speaking anxiety level in the intervention group compared to control group and difference between both groups was statistically significant (P<0.001). Furthermore, post EMDR sessions showed significantly improvement in self-esteem level in intervention group compared to control group and the difference between both groups was significant (P<0.001).

Conclusion: The EMDR approach is useful in lowering speaking anxiety in public, and improving self-esteem among nursing students.

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