Sign Language Interpretation In Arab World: A Descriptive Analysis Of 20 Years Of Research

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Abdulhadi Abdullah Alamri


This study aimed to show the most prominent studies that dealt with interpretation and sign language interpreters in the Arab world. The study is utilized the descriptive Analysis method of 20 Years of Research. From 2000 to 2021, the topics covered by these studies, their methodology, and the countries in which these studies were conducted and were discussed. The results of the study showed that there is a weakness in the studies that dealt with interpretation in sign language in Arab thought. The study recommended that more studies should be done on the subject of sign language interpretation in the Arab world because of its great importance. In addition to, some of the titles and topics should spot the light the Arab world, or the researchers may not pay attention to them. For example, studying the performance of translators, accreditation of translators, licenses to practice the profession and translators' certificates. Countries where studies on  interpretation must conduct or should increase the number of these studies and articles. Moreover, increasing the focus on qualitative studies and mixed studies, as this is the modern trend and strength of studies around the world.

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