The Story Of Transgender Community In Hazara Division

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Ahsan Ali , Dr. Muhammad Rizwan , Dr. Sardar Muhammad , Dr. Muhammad Adil , Hajra Arzoo siddiqui


Contrary to the teaching of Islam and the constitution of Pakistan, which has given equal right to every human-being, transgender community of the country is mainly not being treated properly. Like other parts of the country, here in Hazrara the picture is not different from rest of the society. In spite of huge claims, the state machinery is unable to provide the transgender an environment where they could enjoy equal rights in education, economic and social sectors. Along with their social and economic deprivation, their existence is being challenged for the last few years or so. Along with governmental institutions, some NGOs are trying to overcome these issues yet the issues regarding life security, educational prospects, job opportunities and health faculties are needed to be addressed properly. A question that in spite of Supreme Court’s verdict in 2013, why the transgender of Pakistan including Hazara are deprived from their rights will be addressed during the course of this study. It will try to pin point hurdles being faced by the transgender and how to remove these in a proper way. 

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