Investigating And Analyzing Spiritual Intelligence And Its Manifestations In Prominent Figures Of Mysticism With Emphasis On Robert Emmons’ Theory

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Tahmineh Alizad , Fatima Sheikhloovand


Spiritual and religious features, especially spiritual intelligence is of utmost significance in Persian literature. Considering spiritual intelligence is one of the necessities in anthropological studies and spiritual dimension from psychological perspective. The present research is a theoretical study that has been done by library research method. Therefore, the present article examines the components of spiritual intelligence to match them with the characteristics of several prominent, well-known and mystical characters, including the poems of poets such as Rumi, Attar or sentences by Abu Saeed Abolkhair, Abolhassan Kharghani, Bayazid Bastami, Hallaj. And we have achieved that the spiritual intelligent is the mystic man and the one who has the skill and power to elevate himself and others to the highest realms, and all the discussions about the mystic and the believer are in fact open are the spiritual intelligent identity. The application of the components of spiritual intelligence in the works of mystics indicates that mysticism and mystics are a response appropriate to yourself, found in God and the universe, and through these beliefs, has invited the audience to beauty and peace.

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