An Educational Intervention To Optimize Physical Wellness Of University Students

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Dr. Sadia Batool , Dr. Tehseen Tahir , Dr. Rani Gul , Ms. Haleema Nawaz


Wellness is a subtle combination of different dimensions that enhances quality of life, provides a sense of wellbeing and enables individuals to function effectively with a definite purpose. The main objective of the study was to find out the effect of intervention in the form of personal enrichment experiences and the effectiveness of teaching methods used to offer these experiences. The personal enrichment experiences were relevant to the augmentation of physical wellness. The sample of the study consisted of 105 Bachelor’s degree students. All three groups were taught by the researcher, and after completion of the personal enrichment initiatives workshop, the students were given a self-developed physical wellness questionnaire based on a comprehensive review of related literature. The results showed that the students were able to enhance their physical wellness as a result of intervention. Furthermore, the experiences helped students in realizing the significance and value of physical wellness and thus improved their perception about it. Hence, it can be concluded that personal enrichment experiences (course) help students to embark on a journey to physical wellness and thereby increase it. The three teaching methods have a more or less similar effect with regard to promoting change in students’ physical wellness.

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