A Study on Factors Essential to the Accomplishment of Success in Corporate Social Responsibility for the Malaysian Service Sector Industry

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Tan Seng Teck et al.


Many firms have gradually searching different business strategies in order to maintain in business. One of the recent business strategies that gained recognition worldwide is CSR. CSR is “the promise by corporate entities and business owners towards addressing sustainability in the social, environmental & economic Circumstances in continuation to the endeavour of profitability. The factors that contribute to the success of CSR in the Malaysian service industry are examined in this research. Using reliability analysis, the basic components of CSFs for CSR practises were empirically established and validated. As per the survey, the two characteristics of employee participation that are the most important for the implementation of CSR activities in organisations. All the six CSR factors are useful for further study as per the findings.Many extra advantages become available to businesses when they try to enhance their CSR.

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