New Transformations In The World Order: Future Of Globalization In Shadow Of The Covid-19 Pandemic

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Dr. Radwan Mahmoud Al-Majali


The study aims at searching for the future of Globalization in the period of the new changes that caught the World Order especially the spread of Corona Virus (Covid-19) as it sought to show the most important intellectual trends in analyzing the reality of Globalization in the period of Corona Pandemic and the most important future scenarios, employing the method of analyzing the world order as an instrument of future studies scenario to answer the study questions: Did Corona Pandemic form one station of Globalization influence? And what are the future Scenarios of Globalization in the after Pandemic period?. The study had deduced a group of results asserted that the Globalization drew back before the existence of the Corona Pandemic, and that the Pandemic is the product of contradictions in the World order and the commercial conflict between China and the United States of America, and that the Globalization had greatly retreated in the Political and economic sides, and rose in sides of technology and telecommunications. Scenarioes of Globalization for after the Pandemic – connect with the nature of change in the form of the World Order, and future of the Chinese – American Conflict- will talk about three trends: the first trend: reliability and non-alteration in the form of Globalization and it is the Preponderant Scenario, the second trend: is the rise and increase of Globalization influence. The third trend: is the end of Globalization.

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