Design Of Job Training Program For Employees In China’s Banking Industry And Its Impact On Employee Work Efficiency And Organizational Management Quality

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He Han , Ahmad Rasmi Suleiman Albattat , Zunirah Binti Mohd Talib


Customer financial requirements are increasing as the pace at which banks alter their operations accelerates. There was no way for China's state-controlled commercial banks (SCBs) to avoid the problems brought on by inefficient HR management (HRM). There are a lot of issues in the actual world, such how employee training lags far behind business expansion and how the quality of the employees is rather low. Consequently, the SCBs must immediately address the pressing concerns of how to arrange staff training and how to improve the overall performance of employees. This article provided a concise overview of where ICBC's employee training courses stand in Henan right now, and how the study's six criteria came to be. Staff training issues are resolved by providing guidance on building an employee training structure and serving as an example for other SCBs.

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