Impact Of Perceived Stress On Academic Performance Among College Students During Covid-19 Outbreak

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The Progress of the Human race depends on education which is a valuable asset to the human race. Education contributes to the development of an individual in every aspect like character, discipline, interest, intelligence, and healthy livelihood which in turn reflects in the overall development of the society as well as the nation. The covid-19 outbreak became a pandemic and substantially affects the education field and its routine work. It made the education system to adapt the technology aspect and students along with teachers started to relay on electronic gadgets for teaching-learning process. Spending prolonged time in front of the laptop, mobile or other electronic gadgets in an isolated manner will cause stress and anxiety among the students. This may impact their academic performance. This study aims to measure the perceived stress among college students and its impact on their academic performance. The Perceived Stress Scale PSS-10 (1988) standardized by Sheldon Cohen and Willamson was used to collect data for this study. Students' academic performances were obtained from their percentage of marks in the semester examination. A stratified random sampling technique was used to select 168 students as samples for the study. The result shows that about 77% of students were having Moderate perceived stress levels and 7% of students had a high level of perceived stress further it has been noted that perceived stress and academic achievement were negatively correlated.

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