The Urgency Of Learning Communication On Students' Understanding: An Emperical Report From Dayah Bustanul Huda, East Aceh, Indonesia

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Basri , Mahyiddin


The understanding of students is not only supported by the material and good quality of education. More than that, communication and learning interaction are needed so that the transfer of knowledge runs effectively. At the Bustanul Huda Dayah, East Aceh, there is a communication model between Tengku Dayah and the students known as halaqah and talaqqi. This is a circular learning model and is directly face to face with the teacher during the teaching and learning process. This article belongs to field research with a qualitative approach. The methodology used is a phenomenological study by using Tengku Dayah and the students as informants. The results of the study concluded two, including; First, learning communication is very important in supporting the understanding of students with various ages and characters. Second.

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