Difficulties Associated With Integrating Students With Disabilities From Their Point Of View

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Suhib Saleem Saleem


This study aimed to identify the difficulties of inclusion faced by students with disabilities. Also, the gender variable was correlated with the study sample’s responses. To achieve the study objectives, the descriptive approach was utilized. The study sample consisted of (15) participants (8 males, 7 females). A 30-item questionnaire was developed and divided into four dimensions: environmental adaptations, teaching adaptations, supportive technologies and faculty members. The results showed that the difficulties in integrating students with disabilities came from their point of view to a medium degree. Also, there were no statistically significant differences in the difficulties integrating students with disabilities according to the variable of gender. In light of the current results, the study recommended adopting the program for the inclusion of students with disabilities in universities. Also, there is a need to design training programs for teachers and specialists on the mechanisms of integrating students with disabilities.

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