Key Elements Of Literary Theory

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Abdul Azim Sidiqmal , Ahmadullah Aziz , Sayed Asghar Hashimi


The theory has its way and methods of research as fundamental science, in this way the writer of literary theory can be successful and will have fulfilled the requirements of theory if he succeeds in the theory of literature.

This article outlines ways to facilitate academic work with literary theory writers in the light of theory and is presented as a key material. Literary theory writers, for example, must be aware of the relationships between cause and effect in literature. All changes in the content and form of the literature are the effects that have occurred for various reasons, thus all environmental conditions have their effects.

So many books have been written on theory in the world, but they have some problems. In the Pashto language, apart from some works in this field, all other works have shortcomings which are mainly due to unfamiliarity with theory and methodology. Once, the author understands the method of literary theory, s/he can present a good theory about poetry or any other genres in literature. Also, s/he can write good work on the literary theory. This article gives you a brief overview of basic topics that can help a writer study, write, and identify literary theory.

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