Factors Influencing The Holistic Development Of A Child: A Systematic Review

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Dr. Smitha Philip


This paper is an examination of the influence of parenting and the home environment on child development. Historically, we have been taught to view parenting as a process of nurturing and supporting the physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and intellectual development of a toddler from infancy to adulthood. The goal of parenting is to bring about socially responsible and productive individuals who are going to be a source of joy and blessing to their parents and, therefore, society at large. This paper examines in detail how family environment influences the positive personality development of adolescents, as we believe that family environment provides a durable foundation of support for the growth of an adolescent’s personality. If the family environment of a teenager is cohesive, family members will have good relations with one another and have close bonding, which improves their emotional stability and personality. Additionally, this paper explores parenting styles and the negative and positive effects of various parenting styles. Academic performance is enhanced when directly associated with constructive family relationships and organised family functions. Familial positive relationships and support among family members lead to enhanced academic performance and constructive behaviour in adolescents. The significance of the family environment towards adolescent growth is supported by the theory of the family system. This system demonstrates the importance of family, particularly the parental role in child rearing and the development of healthy families. Family members must learn to change in line with environmental change to ensure a fruitful family environment.

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