Impact of Individual Factors on Entrepreneurial Intention: An Empirical Investigation

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Saima Nazir , Dr. Mushtaq Ahmad Lone


The study aimed to ascertain that to what extent the influence of individual factors vary across two samples. Using the quantitative approach the primary data was gathered from university students as well as JKEDI trainees. Students from eight universities in Jammu and Kashmir were sampled (J&K).  The cronbach alpha and item to total item correlations were used to confirm an instrument’s reliability and validity respectively. Data was analysed using both exploratory factor analysis and confirmatory factor analysis. We used Average variance extracted (AVE) and Composite reliability to test the measurement model's reliability and validity. In addition, the model fitness was assessed by using a variety of good and bad model fit indices (CMIE, RMSEA, NFI, CFI, GFI, AGFI, and RMSR). The findings reveal that except tolerance of ambiguity in students and innovativeness in entrepreneurial trainees, all other sub dimensions proved to be predictors of the entrepreneurial intention of both university students and trainees.

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