Marketing Impetus In Purchase Of White Durable Goods From Consumer Perspectives In Chengalpattu District Of Tamil Nadu

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Mrs. M. Meerabai , Dr. K.Selvasundram


The purchase decision of consumer is influenced by both internal and external factors. Purchase decision process is purely a mental process affected by internal and external stimulus. It is important for every business firm to understand these for triggering favourable buying decision for effective selling which is one of the objectives of marketing. The main purpose of this research is to examine the intention of various marketing impetus and their influence on purchase decision relation to white durable goods. The researcher to come to a conclusion used both primary and secondary data. The primary data were collected through Structured questionnaire by using random sampling method. The collected data were analysed through statistical tools such as percentage analysis, Anova techniqueis, Henry Garett Ranking technique etc., The study revealed that most of the female respondents has stimulated by marketing impetus in purchase of white durable goods.

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