Integrated Strategic Factors Framework

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Girish Deshmukh



The literature available on post- COVID 19 strategy review is rare. The purpose of this paper is to present an integrated strategic factors framework that covers uncertainties such as COVID 19 pandemic, new geopolitical environment, and climate change as well as organizational value chain factors.


Based on literature review, strategy theories, articles from global consultants, and the author’s industry experience, an integrated strategic factors framework has been developed. The approach taken is thus exploratory and pre-paradigmatic. This sets the stage for potential empirical study.


The purpose of this study to develop an integrated strategic factors framework has been achieved. The impact of the changing external environment on an organization’s primary and support activities that form the value chain brings out new strategic factors. The framework once validated by empirical research can be a useful tool for robust strategy making

Research limitations/implications

The framework proposed in this paper has not been tested empirically. This sets clear limitations regarding generalizability. The research has added to the literature on strategy as an integrated framework incorporating external as well as internal value chain factors

Practical Implication/Social implications

The proposed integrated strategic factors framework can be used to plan robust strategies since it considers uncertainties such as natural calamities due to climate change, pandemics, and geopolitical changes.


To the authors’ awareness, the external and internal strategic factors have not been integrated into a single framework before. This is an original work carried out by the author. It proposes the integrated strategic factors framework for the first time. It makes strategy-making/review much easier

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