Quest For Love And Lust In Namita Gokhale’s Paro: Dreams Of Passion: A Study

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Dr. J. Rajalakshmi


Namita Gokhale is an Indian woman novelist builds up her works with a different vision. She encompasses a unique positioning in the Indian women writings. This study focuses on a social world of many complex human relationships in Namita Gokhale’s Paro: Dreams of Passion. She depicts herself as a female characters act with more courage and opportunity as opposed to requesting rights in the common society or featuring the issues of women. Her portrayal gives new bearings to the feministic novelist. Namita characters strongly challenge much sophistication in their life, neither desired for the recommendations of the male. They are autonomous to take choices throughout their life and they have the ability to change the social standards with their individual considerations. It also looks into the causes and effects of love and sexual liberation in the context of Indian women. In fact, the novel’s principal reveals that human relationships, since many women and men live together and travel through life in their various classes and gender roles. Paro rebels against the moral and social rules that serve to identify a woman in society. She defies, opposes, and wants liberation from traditional values and lifestyles. It examines the quest for self-awareness and deconstructing femininity, particularly through the characters of Paro and Priya, and is notable for its fast-paced narratives, controlled purpose, and a style of keen observation, as well as the introduction of new characters and rapid changes in the story’s scenes. It also looks at human passions like envy, vanity, lustful behaviour, and perverted love. Few women understand the essence of virtue and chastity and are committed to their families. She is restless due to her lower impulses.

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