Systemic Immunological Diseases With Oral & Mucocutaneous Manifestations

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Dr . Karthik Shunmugavelu , Dr. V Vasanthakumar MDS OMFS , Dr. Kavitha Thiagarajan MDS (orthodontics) , Dr. Evangeline Cynthia Dhinakaran MBBS (MD Pathology)



The oral and mucocutaneous manifestations of systemic immunological diseases vary greatly in its presentation ranging from ulcerations to blisters accompanied with or without burning sensation or pain. The main objective of this study was to identify to prevalence of oral and mucocutaneous manifestations of systemic immunologic diseases in Chennai, South India.


Archived records of 6300 cases from an institution in Chennai, South India was done. A total of 105 cases with oral and mucocutaneous manifestations were narrowed down. The case history, clinical features and histopathological features of these cases were examined. The descriptive statistics was done using SPSS.


Females had a greater presentation of oral lesions when compared to males and age group of 60 years and above exhibited more lesions compared to the others. The most common lesions included lichen planus, pemphigoid and pemphigus.


Sometimes these diseases present oral manifestations as the first sign and symptom which can be identified by dentists. Early diagnosis is necessary for proper management and prevention of any serious sequelae

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