Power Practices In Trilogy Novel Ronggeng Dukuh Paruk By Ahmad Tohari: Van Dijk Cda Approach

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Hidayati , Syaifuddin , Siti Norma Nasution , Masdiana Lubis


This research is based on the idea of ​​the importance of knowing discourse power in the texts produced by author in his literary work. This study aims to reveal the existence of the practice of power occurred in literary text by using the van Dijk’s model of CDA theory in terms of social context dimension. The data source of this research is trilogy novel Ronggeng Dukuh Paruk (RDP) by Ahmad Tohari. The data are obtained from texts and dialogues refer to the practice of power occurred in the novel. In analyzing the data, socio-cognitive approach was used in this study. Descriptive qualitative method with analytical technique as well as reading and note-taking techniques are applied in this research. Analysis data procedures used in this research is an interactive model of data analysis component. The result shows that there are 18 data texts related to practices of power in the three books of the novel in the form of:  power practice between sovereign and people, power practice between aristocracy and common people, power practice between group and group, and power practice between individual and individual. 1 data taken from CBE, 9 data taken from LKDH, and 8 data taken from JB. From all of the data, it is proven that there are practices of power depicted through the texts produced by the author in the novel.

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